Wichita HOT 2012

September 22nd - 23rd 2012


WFD Release of Personal Liability
*print, fill out and bring the day of the event


The classes that are listed under “Break Out” are lecture classes and will be held on Saturday only (September 22).

The classes listed  under “ HOT” will be held on Sunday only (September 23) and are hands on training classes only.  

By registering for the “Break Out” sessions, you are given the opportunity to hear the keynote speaker and attend any of Saturday’s lecture classes.

There are no attendance restrictions regarding the lecture classes which means you may come in and out of the class freely throughout the presentation.

This allows the participant to attend one or more classes during the same time slot, if desired.

On Sunday, September 23, all classes listed are hands on training classes in which active participation is anticipated.



Breakout Classes

HOT Classes

Instructor Bio's

Sponsors & Vendors

Hospitality Night


Questions? E-Mail Chief Snow - esnow@wichita.gov